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Date:      Sat, 26 Oct 1996 07:13:53 -0400 (EDT)
From:      Thomas David Rivers <ponds!>
To:, ponds!Root.COM!dg
Cc:        ponds!!questions
Subject:   Re: panic
Message-ID:  <>

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> Nothing particularly abnormal ; we were having some NFS problems before
> we upgraded to 2.1.5. The only thing odd about it is that we modified the
> password system to update a remote password database via NFS.
> I've modified the kernel to make it look more like one of our rock-solid
> systems ; perhaps one of the included devices is triggerring something
> odd. If it goes away, I'll forward you the old config file.
> Right, there was one other oddity ; for some bizarre reason the 2.1.5 
> kernel didn't compile properly on the system it was running on ; I had
> to take it to another system, build it there and snarf the binary. It's
> possible I didn't get all bits of the 2.1.5 compiler system or there
> are some out-of-date sources or something. In any case, it's perhaps
> noteworthy.

 Just to help me with my theory (that it has something to do with
inode allocation) - did you use the default parameters when you newfs'd
the file system, or did you change them?

 On my news server (which sees a similar panic about daily), I changed
the blocksize (-b) and number of bytes per inode (-i) to make more
space available for lots of small files.

 Did you do something similar?

	- Dave Rivers -

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