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Date:      Sat, 12 Dec 2015 12:11:23 -0553.75
From:      "William A. Mahaffey III" <>
Subject:   Re: problems running OpenGL code
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On 12/12/15 12:01, Michael Powell wrote:
>> >So I guess I am hosed. However .... I thought the VESA driver would at
>> >least provide basic (albeit brutally slow/choppy/etc) functionality,
>> >wrong there as well ? Thanks & TIA & have a good one:-).
>> >
> VESA should show you a screen, which should be perhaps useable for text-mode
> CLI and maybe some basic graphics (slow, very slow, as in repaint entire
> screen line by line for any update). I have an old laptop with an ancient
> radeon chip which is so old support has actually been removed so that VESA
> is the only way I can use it. It does work with GUI desktops, just slowly.
> VESA mode(s) will never give you any support for GL and there won't be any
> way (to my limited knowledge) to run code that depends on GL libraries.
> -Mike

*Rats* !!!! I had an old Linux box where VESA did provide (gruesomely 
slow) OpenGL software rendering, but that was eons ago. All of my 
desktop (XFCE 4.12) works AOK, ditto for browser, etc., although many of 
the screensavers crash w/ messages about .... GLX extension not enabled 
:-/ .... Oh well ....


	William A. Mahaffey III


	"The M1 Garand is without doubt the finest implement of war
	 ever devised by man."
                            -- Gen. George S. Patton Jr.

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