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Date:      Thu, 1 Aug 2002 15:49:32 -0400
From:      "Joe & Fhe Barbish" <>
To:        "Robert D Hughes" <>
Cc:        "FBIPFW" <>
Subject:   RE: natd & keep-state
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Bob, thanks very much for your offer.

If your rules file has keep-state rules in it, I would be interested in =
seeing it.

The problem is natd with ipfw keep-state rules   not   ipfw with natd.=20

This being the list where IPFW internals and design problems are talked =
I really want a experienced person like you  to provide independent =
verification =20
that there is a bug in natd with ipfw keep-state rules.=20

Just humor me and test the simple rules file I provided in my original =
post and=20
make it work on your box.  I bet you can not get it to work. =20

I say there's a bug in natd and need help bring it to light before this =
list group.

Can you help in this effort?=20


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Subject: RE: natd & keep-state

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From: Joe & Fhe Barbish []
Sent: Wed 7/31/2002 9:07 PM
Subject: natd & keep-state

        IPFW list members
        Advanced Stateful extensions were introduced in FBSD 4.0. When =
        first can out I changed my ipfw rules from stateless and simple
        stateful to using only Advanced Stateful rules for my user
        ppp -nat ISP connection. The ipfw rule set that works with user

        It might help if you described in more detail what problems =
you're having. I'm running a rather much more complex rule set that =
works using fine ipfw and natd, including port redirects, passive and =
active ftp, etc. Would you like to look at my rule set?


Nrz vfj:v?=16=05=20
=1Bry y{y?=20

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