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Date:      Fri, 9 Mar 2012 11:06:40 +0100
From:      Polytropon <>
To:        Bruno Comerci <>
Subject:   Re: Suggestion
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On Fri, 9 Mar 2012 01:56:25 -0300, Bruno Comerci wrote:
> Instead of wasting your time and man power, why wont you
> join to the ReactOS project?

Because I like to _act_, instead to just RE-act.
REact to some old-fashioned and spoiled concepts
and incompatible infrastructures without any future...

> It would be more beneficial to the internet community [...]

You _know_ that the "inner bowels" of the Internet run
UNIX, _not_ "Windows", right?

> [...] and
> to the users around the world who wants a free OS with
> similar looking and functions than Windows, [...]

Just install the Redmond-inspired themes for KDE or Gnome,
install wine, and I assume for 99% of imaginable cases you
have a solution, if it _has_ to be some "Windows" stuff.
If not, learn something new - which is the _real_ benefit
than hanging around with short-term knowledge as it is
common in MICROS~1 land -, and use a free alternative.
Better security, more features, less money.

> [...] if you just throw away your FreeBSD 

Throw away something that just works? Who could be that
heavily distracted from reality?

> [...] and join forces with the ReactOS team to accelerate
> their process.

Nothing to say against that passage, but resources in
FreeBSD development are limited. They are better invested
in bringing FreeBSD into its future - because it _has_ a
future (unlike legacy operating systems that seem to be
intended to primarily run commercial software that has
been expensive when bought, but that won't run on
current MICROS~1 technology).

> Actually there isnt any single free OS that can be fully
> trusted, [...]

OpenBSD? :-)

Really: Only operating systems that are available as source
code have the chance to be trusted. The more people perform
audits and actually look at the source code, the better it

> [...] but ReactOS seems to be that one that we all are wating for.

At least _I_ am not waiting for it (which proves your allquantified
"we all" as false by one counterexample -- simple logic).
I would - under no circumstances - trade a stable and
powerful OS that runs a plethora of applications and
utilizes modern technology for something that tries to
be like "Windows", even if it's better in terms of
source availability, but worse as it's repeating all
the things that MICROS~1 has done wrong.

> Common world's citizen who dont have money to pay Windows [...]

To be honest, I would even pay money for FreeBSD if it
was a commercial OS, because it really does what I need.
Luckily, it can be obtained and used for free, unlike
"Windows" which you can't even try out without contamining
your hard disk.

> [...] and dont trust Linux and any other Unix-based OS.

Why is that? Do you believe that imitating MICROS~1
technology is generally better? Or what is the reason?
I'd be interested in learning more.

For further trust, an OpenBSD psychotherapy is highly
advised. ... I also run OpenBSD, so don't bash me for
this comment. :-)

Magdeburg, Germany
Happy FreeBSD user since 4.0
Andra moi ennepe, Mousa, ...

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