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Date:      Sun, 18 Feb 2007 07:25:52 -0600
From:      Kevin Kinsey <>
To:        "Rajen Jani (BT Yahoo! Broadband)" <>
Subject:   Re: Permission Denied
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Rajen Jani (BT Yahoo! Broadband) wrote:
> Hello everyone,

Hello; I've tried to "guess" the most likely answers from the symptoms 
your describe.

>           I have installed FreeBSD clean from start but everytime I try
> to do something like say run ./configure
> on my home directory, I get the "permission denied" message. 

Which would indicate that "configure" exists in the current working 
directory, but isn't set executable, at least not for the current user 
(you).  At least, that's the most likely scenario.  If you "chmod 777 
./configure", will it work?

> Can anyone help me please. When i type in "su rajen" it seems 
 > to log me in but it doesn't ask me for the root password.

So, you are a member of the wheel group, and root has no password set. 
You can tell if you are actually "logged in" by typing "id".  If there's 
no root password, this is not a Good Thing(tm) --- log in as root and 
run "chpass".  If "su" still doesn't ask you for a password after that, 
write the list back, as you likely have a more serious problem.

Kevin Kinsey

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