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Date:      Wed, 4 Feb 2009 19:03:40 -0400 (AST)
From:      "A. Wright" <>
To:        dimitrovi58 <>
Subject:   Re: dump/restore problem
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> when I started a migration to new HDD, according few how-tos, I got the
> following warning:
> # dump -0Lauf - /dev/ad0s1f | restore -rf -

When debugging dump/restore problems, it is always best to dump
to a file, and then restore from the file -- this allows you to
see which of dump and restore is printing which message.

I would guess that the "Header with wrong dumpdate" is this issue:

More surprising is:

> warning: ./.snap: File exists
> *expected next file 141455, got 146*
>  DUMP: 2.86% done, finished in 3:35 at Thu Feb  5 01:44:32 2009

What exactly is your .snap entry?  Is it actually a directory,
or do you have a file called .snap that is getting in the way?

The "expected next file" message indicates inode numbers out of
sequence, which I would guess also come from restore -- if the
warning about .snap comes from dump, then I would encourage you
to make sure that dump cleanly creates its archive (to a file)
before spelunking in the restore error messages.

If you are short of space and are using several partitions on
your new drive, just format the largest and place the output files
there while you experiement.


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