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Date:      Sun, 4 Feb 1996 16:43:14 +1030 (CST)
From:      Michael Smith <>
To: (Barry Masterson)
Subject:   Re: QIC-80 & 15 day return policy
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <> from "Barry Masterson" at Feb 4, 96 00:14:01 am

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Barry Masterson stands accused of saying:
> I just purchased a Colorado Jumbo 350 QIC-80 tape drive, and I still
> have 12 days left to return it for refund.

Don't wait, _send_it_back_.  These drives are _awful_; the whole
floppy-tape idea sucks six ways from Sunday.

> My question is, before I return this tape unit, is there any quick fix 
> that will allow for reasonably large files to be written to this brand of 
> drive without the above mentioned problems? 

It's possible that the driver could be improved, but there are
_fundamental_ problems with the interface that can't be overcome.

> I'm running a 486DX2/66 VLB with an ide harddrive. The mail archives 
> suggest that the Adaptec 1542 (currently $229.00) will work alongside 
> an ide i/o card. 

Certainly will, and lets you run other SCSI peripherals to boot.  If 
all you want to use is a tape unit, then personally I'd go for 
a cheaper SCSI controller (I seem to recall people running Exabyte units
successfully off Adaptec 1520's).

> The Colorado only costs $120.00, it seemed like a good deal at the time.
> But the cost of the 1542, and whatever a tape drive for that card will
> run me is a concern.

You should be able to get a secondhand QIC150 tape unit for around $100;
these will take the 250M DC6250 tapes, and are rock-solid.
(eg. I paid $150 australian recently for an Archive Viper 150 and an 
Adaptec 1510).

With a little occasional TLC, one of these drives will give you excellent

> Barry Masterson

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