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Date:      Sat, 26 Oct 1996 16:09:05 -0400 (EDT)
From:      Thomas David Rivers <ponds!>
To:        ponds!!freebsd-questions, ponds!!rivers
Subject:   IP-masquerading for private networks.
Message-ID:  <>

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Ok -

 I know this has been discussed/hinted at in the past.  But, I'm
hoping to get a real solid answer.

 I have one machine, which is, at times, connected to two networks.
1) My work network (a private network itself), and 2) my ISP.

 This machine is my primary gateway to the rest of "the world".
[news/mail hub, etc...]

 Connected to this machine, via a small ethernet - are the remainder
of the machines in my host - Win95 boxes, a couple other FreeBSD boxes,

 All of the machines in the house are on the 10.0.0.x private network.

 I'd like to have unfettered internet access to the world at-large.
[Right now, I log onto the mail server, run a shell script to do
the slattach and telnet/ftp from there.]

 I've seen some solutions:

	1) IP masquerading implemented as part of the user-mode PPP.

		- This doesn't work for me because my connections are SL/IP.

	2) socks5, running the socks server on the gateway and
		using "runsocks cmd.." to run the application.

		- This doesn't work for me because of the need to use Win/95.

	3) ipfw
		- Do I need to set up a firewall to do this?  Wasn't
		  there some "poo-poo'ing" of this idea in the past?

 I'd appreciate any more alternatives people know of, and any suggestions
people may want to offer.  F.y.i - I'm running 2.1.5-STABLE, so suggestions
pertinent to that would be best.

	 - Thanks -
	- Dave Rivers -

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