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Date:      Sat, 05 Jul 97 23:31:08 +0200
From:      "Mats Dufberg" <>
To:        "" <>
Subject:   Unable to make device node
Message-ID:  <>

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I'm trying to install FreeBSD (2.2.1, Walnut Creek april '97),
but the installation fails when the file system is to be
created, "Unable to make device node for /dev/X in /dev"
(yes, it says a literal "X").

The disk is a IDE disk (Seagate Medalist 2140, 2 GB). It is
connected to a EIDE controller (Promise EIDE2300plus) on
VL bus. Physically it has 4095 cyls, 16 heads and 63 sectors
per track, but it is run in LBA mode and is translated to
1023 cyls, 64 heads and 63 sectors per tracs. 

The disk has the following layout, reported by FDISK of OS/2:

        1   primary    boot manager
      350   primary    HPFS
       11   primary    FAT
      100   secondary  FAT
     1000   secondary  HPFS
       35   secondary  HPFS
      511   secondary  unused

The disk is mounted as wd0 by FreeBSD. During installation, 
when asked to assign disk for FreeBSD, FDISK reports (size
in sectors and approx. translated into MB):

  SIZE           NAME   TYPE
  sec    MB 
     63          --     6 unused
   3969     2    wd0s4  1 OS/2 bootmgr
 717696   350    wd0s3  1 NTFS/HPFS
  24192    12    wd0s2  1 unknown
2326464  1136    wd0s1  4 extended
1055376   515    --     6 unused

* Is it normal that secondary partitions are reported as
one single partition?

When selecting the unused area and creating a FreeBSD
slice with "C" the following to lines will substitute 
the last line above:

1052352          X      3 freebsd
   3024          --     6 unused

* Is the name of the partition really to be "X"?

In the next step I do a default labelling. Just after
selecting "comit" (and answered som warnings) I get
the error message: 

"Unable to make device node for /dev/X in /dev"

* Can anyone give me a suggestion how to procede the
installation? I have found no answer in neither FAQ
nor handbook.

Mats Dufberg             

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