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Date:      Mon, 6 Feb 1995 14:14:27 -0500
From:      Garrett Wollman <>
To:        "Michael C. Newell" <>
Subject:   Multicast in V2.0R
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<<On Fri, 3 Feb 1995 22:52:03 -0500 (EST), "Michael C. Newell" <> said:

> According to the FAQ to bring up multicast support you need to build a 
> kernel with 

> 	options		MROUTING
> 	options		MULTICAST
> 	options		LKM

> then load the file "ip_mroute_mod".  I built the kernel, and mrouted does 
> indeed run.  When I try to load the "ip_mroute_mod.o" module using the 
> command

The FAQ is wrong if it says that.  `options MROUTING' and
`ip_mroute_mod.o' are the same code, and you need one or the other.
`options MULTICAST' has not existed since 1.1.5, and `options LKM' has
not existed since early in the 2.0 development cycle (like last

> 	modload /lkm/ip_mroute_mod.o

Don't do this.  Go to `/usr/src/lkm/ip_mroute' and say `make load' if
you want to go this route.  The mrouting LKM stuff was done more as a
demonstration than anything else (I used the experience to help me in
doing the loadable VFS support).

> I've looked in the email archives but haven't found any answers;  does
> anyone have an idea?

That code might not work at all.  I have been bugging my boss to fix
the configuration on some hardware here so that I can test it out, but
until that happens, you may be on your own.


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