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Date:      Thu, 27 Jan 2011 19:08:06 +0000
From:      elbbit <>
To:        Bill Moran <>
Subject:   Re: Any package for surveys?
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On 27/01/11 17:04, Bill Moran ...

Thank you for taking the time to reply Bill.  I am glad you challenge
me.  Someone needs to!

> In response to elbbit <>:
>> On 27/01/11 14:41, Andrew McGlashan wrote:
>>> Hi Simon,
>> Thanks for taking the time to reply Andrew.
>>> elbbit wrote:
>>>> I held off writing back because I have just launched a new
>>>> website at:
>>>> Wait!  Don't go!  This isn't spam!   Please!  Just listen!
>>> Yes, it looks very spammy to me....
>> I sent similar emails to other lists and was promptly scalded for
>> being so uncouth.  I thank those who encourage me to stop spamming
>> for teaching me humility.  However, I think the importance of
>> global self awareness is too important to worry about whether or
>> not we like to know about the problems.  This is the equivalent of
>> a hit-and-run, in my opinion.  I am here to stay, I am not going
>> anywhere and the world will become self-aware in my presence.  It
>> is why I have been born.
> You are a delusion dipshit, and a bad liar.
I forgive you.

> If you feel so righteous about your cause, why did you hijack another
> thread without changing the subject?
With all the respect that is due to you, and all others who frequent
these mailing lists, I feel the topic of global voting is too important
to worry about whether or not my particular message fits into a defined
category.  The survey thread I chose to reply to is the closest match I
could find that was both recent and relevant to OUR cause.  By "our" I
mean all people in the world, not just those involved with me.

To highlight some facts here:
a) original poster asked about conducting a survey
b) original poster wants to gather the opinion using the internet
c) I am conducting a survey of all people on all views, sorted by most
active vote/talk thread
d) my survey is being conducted on the internet

> It's because you don't really care if anyone on the list reads it,
Naturally, when you understand the significance of everyone being able
to vote, and then being able to change their vote at any time, and being
able to vote on anything - completely unrestricted, unmoderated,
clear-cut decision.  Take a second to imagine in your mind, and call it
fiction if you will, that it is wholly possible that all people can vote
in this way.  Now, seeing as we are dealing with fiction, and made up
ideas, you must remember that money is a made up idea.  Someone thought
it up.  Let's continue...

> you just want the message to be in the multitude of web archives that
> archive this mailing list so you'll have more links back to your page
> so search engines are more likely to rank you highly.  I expect
> you've got some scheme in mind that eventually involves making 
> yourself money once you've got enough traffic.
I am not hostile.  I care.  I love.  Yes, you read me right.  I have
nothing but love for you all, and whilst you might think I am going to
fail without the use of money - I think you will find that there is a
growing trend where people are starting to question why we have all
believed in money.  Money is the religion of today, if you open your
eyes to see it for yourself.  I am not here to make money.  I am here to
see what the world decides for itself.

> I sent a complaint to your ISP about the spamming.  If enough other 
> people do the same, you'll find your site shut down eventually.  I 
> wish you poor luck and misery.
I forgive you [again] for thinking that I am hostile.  I am not hurting
anybody.  No blood is being spilt because I am "asking for your
opinion."  Go ahead and annoy the ISP if you want, but if they shut
Tibble down it will just appear somewhere else, maybe even being written
by someone new.

I am on the outside of the matrix.  You have no idea how great it is out
here.  Unplug, and free your mind, just like Neo does in the famous
movie.  Only, try to understand, the real fiction we deal with is money
and those who make it.  They use it to control you.  Do your own
research.  Don't believe the crazy man - because I am crazy...or am I?




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