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Date:      Wed, 13 Jul 2005 09:56:49 -0500
From:      David Kelly <>
Subject:   Make GNU Make behave like BSD Make?
Message-ID:  <>

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BSD make will automatically and silently include .depend if one exists
in the same directory as the Makefile. Otherwise it won't complain if
.depend is missing.

In GNU Make one must explicitly "include .depend", but if .depend does
not exist GNU Make aborts. And can't .depend as a target dependency
partly because the target won't be built until all the includes are

So my question is "Is there a way to make GNU Make handle .depend the
BSD way? And is it possible for the same Makefile to run the same way on
either BSD or GNU Makes?"

David Kelly N4HHE,
Whom computers would destroy, they must first drive mad.

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