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Date:       Thu, 24 Aug 1995 10:29:00 +0100 
From:      "barry (b.a.) scott" <>
Subject:    FreeBSD vs. Window NT 3.51 boot problems 
Message-ID:   <"28955 Thu Aug 24 05:31:03 1995"> 

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After installing 2.0.5R from CDROM I could boot MS-DOS, Windows NT 3.51
or FreeBSB 2.0.5R. FreeBSD is on my second SCSI disk.

But Windows NT could not find its pagefile. It turned out that the drive
letters had changed. I use N: for the Windows NT NTFS partion not D: as
would be the default.

Using the disk admin program told me that the signaure data that NT keeps on
each disk was missing. I ask permission to put a new signature onto the
disks. After this I could setup the drive assignments and NT was happy.

But FreeBSD was not bootable from the MBR boot manager. I hit F5 to go to
the second disk but hitting F2 to select FreeBSD just gets me the F1 to F5
list of options again.

I'm using the bootstrap on the FreeBSD boot floppy to load wd(1,a)/kernel
as a work around.

Can anyone explain the confict with Window NT disk signatures? What is the
MBR program looking for in the FreeBSD partition to be able to boot it?

		Barry Scott

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