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Date:      Sat, 26 Oct 1996 16:40:48 -0700
To:, ponds!!, ponds!
Subject:   Re: IP-masquerading for private networks.
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|> ...
|>   I know this has been discussed/hinted at in the past.  But, I'm
|>  hoping to get a real solid answer.
|>   I have one machine, which is, at times, connected to two networks.
|>  1) My work network (a private network itself), and 2) my ISP.
|>   This machine is my primary gateway to the rest of "the world".
|>  [news/mail hub, etc...]
|>   Connected to this machine, via a small ethernet - are the remainder
|>  of the machines in my host - Win95 boxes, a couple other FreeBSD boxes,
|>   All of the machines in the house are on the 10.0.0.x private network.
|>   I'd like to have unfettered internet access to the world at-large.
|>  [Right now, I log onto the mail server, run a shell script to do
|>  the slattach and telnet/ftp from there.]
|>   I've seen some solutions:
|> ...

The best way to handle this is to obtain a real IP network number from
your ISP so that you can set up a real gateway.  [ If you search the
mail archives on you should find a message from one of
the protocol experts explaining why IP masquerading cannot possibly be
done and still maintain full standards compliance. ] But there is also
another factor you should consider.  If your ISP won't assign you a
network and route to you because you have an individual user account;
then connecting an entire network via that account could probably be
construed as theft of services.  (Read your contract with them and
their acceptable use policy -very- carefully.) 


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