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Date:      Sun, 07 Jan 96 02:52:36 0000
From:      Neil Bradley <>
Subject:   2940/7870 SCSI problems
Message-ID:  <>

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Sorry about that - I accidentally hit 'send' before I was done.

Anyway, the 7870 chip that's on the motherboard is a PCI mapped SCSI controller
(the same that's on the 2940 card). It's mapped to IRQ 9 on bootup. I've slowed
the transfer rate down to 5MB/s and it doesn't make any difference. I'm using
a 2Gigabyte Barracuda drive. It successfully was running under FreeBSD 1.1.5
with a 1542CF in another machine, so the drive itself isn't at fault. 

On bootup, I get "Can't read Serial EEPROM, using BIOS settings". This is
because the 7870 on the motherboard stores the data in extended CMOS instead of
on the onboard Serial EEPROM.

Putting the 2940 card in with the on-board controller causes a panic at bootup
(the driver apparently doesn't like multiple 2940 cards in the same machine).

If I put the 2940 card in a different machine (a Pentium 75), no lockups occur
and everything runs fine.

The motherboard in question is an Intel Altair board (EISA, 4 PCI slots, on
board Cirrus (barf) video, 32MB of RAM, an on board PS/2 mouse/keyboard
controller, Adaptec 7870 controller). It's a dual CPU machine, but only one CPU
is installed (100MHZ). This machine successfully runs Windows NT and Windows 95
(has been for over a year). I'm trying to upgrade. ;-)

Any clues? Thanks for the info!


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