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Date:      Fri, 20 Sep 2013 10:17:36 -0700
From:      David Wolfskill <>
Subject:   Re: [HEADS UP] Tcl/Tk moves to the USES framework
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On Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 09:50:16PM +0200, Pietro Cerutti wrote:
> ...
> Yep, there was an issue on !=3D CURRENT. It's fixed as of r327631.
> ....

OK; I have a working patch for astro/gpsman.

However, as I was working on it, I found that the patch in ports/180642
(to update the port from 6.4.4 to, from 18 July) had not
yet been committed.

In checking <>,
it appears that wen heping noted an issue the following day attempting
the build with "NOPORTDOCS=3Dyes", but his message had been mis-addressed,
and was never sent to me -- so I was unaware of the issue until a few
minutes ago.

As I have never attempted to set "NOPORTDOCS=3Dyes", I'm fairly sure that
the issue encountered is not caused by any recent change in the port
(and I may need some help to figure out what sort of evasive action to
take; I'm at work right now, and can't take much time on this at the

So... should I:

* Submit a new PR, replacing ports/180642, addressing both the 6.4.4 -> upgrade and the "USES+=3D tk..."?

* Create a new PR, replacing ports/180642, addressing the 6.4.4 -> upgrade, the "NOPORTDOCS=3Dyes" issue, and the "USES+=3D tk..."?

* Submit a new PR for just "USES+=3D tk..."?  And another new one for the
  "NOPORTDOCS=3Dyes" issue?

* Something else?

David H. Wolfskill
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