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Date:      Thu, 7 May 2020 11:16:25 +0200
From:      Christoph Kukulies <>
To:        David Christensen <>
Subject:   Re: SSD woes - boot
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Today I went into my local computer store and bought me a new SATA =
cable. Connected the Kingston SSD with the new cable and
it got recognized immediately.=20

Anyway, I booted, but still hit the wrong disk (with F5 which was =
preset). I hit F1. Got into the FreeBSD boot(8) prompt

>> FreeBSD/i386 BOOT
Default: 0:ad(0,a)
After some fiddling - ? gave me a directory listing but could not much =
do with that - I found that everything I typed, like lsdev,
ended up in being appended to the Default line, like:

Default: 0:ad(0,a)lsdev

So I type /boot/loader and - voila - I hit it, landed exactly in the =
desired disk/partition.

Now I got to figure out the UUID labeling thing - maybe :)


> Am 06.05.2020 um 18:43 schrieb David Christensen =
> On 2020-05-06 02:56, Christoph Kukulies wrote:
>> Since yesterday, when I ran smartcontrol against my drives - don=E2=80=99=
t know whether it has to do with that but I=E2=80=99m mentioning it just =
>> my Kingston 240 GB SSD suddenly was no longer visible in the ASRock =
MB=E2=80=992 BIOS. (ASRock939A790GMH).
>> Strange, isn=E2=80=99t it, that a power fail or unclean =
shutdown/dismount can cause the drive being no longer visible to the =
>> To test whether it was still alive,  I took it out of the system, put =
it into an ICY box and connected it to a FreeBSD (11) VM I have running =
under Parallels on my MacbookPro.
>> It got recognized on the USB bus and after I ran an fsck against it =
and put it back into the BIOS, it was recognized again.
>> So far so good. But now, due to some misordering in the hard disk =
numbering scheme in the BIOS I can=E2=80=99t aim at the right partition =
to boot.
>> With the old F1/F5 bootload of FreeBSD it always boots the wrong =
partition .
>> Is there a better bootloader available which offers me a larger =
choice, that eventually finds all bootable partitions on all disks in =
the system?
> You a whipping a dead horse:
> =
> David
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