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Date:      Mon, 11 Sep 1995 15:57:06 -0700
From: (Michael Shaffer)
Subject:   PC SVGA support
Message-ID:  <>

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  This is my first query ... assuming this message ends up somewhere, let me
know if I sent it to the wrong place ... and where the right place is.

  My first question has do with SVGA support, i.e., I can find info on the
WEB regarding SCSI controllers and ethernet cards, but nothing for video
cards. I'm currently using a Matrox card -- is it supported?

  I'm considering either Linux or FreeBSD for remote access to X/Windowing
UNIX systems on campus. I'd appreciate comments regarding FBSD's support for
remote access via modem.

cheers, shaf

</>\</>\</>\</>\</>  cognito, ergo zZOoooOM  </>\</>\</>\</>\</>\</>

Michael Shaffer, R.A.            
Electron Microprobe Facility     
Geological Sciences
1272 University of Oregon                  503/346-4632
Eugene, OR 97403-1272                      503/346-4692 (FAX)

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