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Date:      Thu, 27 Jan 2011 19:43:09 +0000
From:      elbbit <>
To:        Jarrod Slick <>
Cc:, Bill Moran <>,
Subject:   Re: Any package for surveys?
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On 27/01/11 19:23, Jarrod Slick wrote:

Thank you for taking the time to reply Jarrod.  I appreciate your argument.

> On 1/27/11 12:08 PM, elbbit wrote:
>> I am not going anywhere and the world will become self-aware in my
>> presence.  It is why I have been born.
> You sound like a sociopath.
You sound like you are just putting me in a box marked "crazy people"
without inquiring how I came to this conclusion.  Your mind is closed.
Only by asking questions will you learn anything new.  Sure, I have
answers, and so does Google.  You can ask either or not at all.

>> I am on the outside of the matrix.  You have no idea how great it
>> is out here.  Unplug, and free your mind, just like Neo does in the
>> famous movie.  Only, try to understand, the real fiction we deal
>> with is money and those who make it.  They use it to control you.
>> Do your own research.  Don't believe the crazy man - because I am
>> crazy...or am I?
> Nevermind, you actually just sound like a normal 14 year old with 
> Hollywood inspired delusions of grandeur.
It is widely accepted that Hollywood is based on real life, as a
starting reference point in any fiction, and then distorted to a point.
 A screen writer then fills in the gaps with dramatization and dialogue.
 If my perception of the creativity industry is flawed, please educate me.

> Hope your website works out for you and ends social injustice.
I forgive you.  I accept the ridicule and sarcasm, because I have
already accepted in advance, that it is the price I must pay in order
free humanity from the control of a few powerful men, and give the power
to the people themselves.

If you are unable to see (in advance) how global voting is going to
change the world, I think you need to get up from that keyboard and go
ponder about the possibilities whilst staring out of a window.




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