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Date:      Mon, 02 May 2011 14:19:03 -0400
From:      Lowell Gilbert <>
To:        Mohammed Gamal <>
Subject:   Re: Ports and Packages
Message-ID:  <44iptthso8.fsf@lowell-desk.lan>
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Mohammed Gamal <> writes:

> Hi ,uname -a output: FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE #0: Fri Feb 18 02:24                        :46 UTC 2011  i386
> 1-where to get php-5.3.6.tbz and mysql cuz my ports collections doesn't exist.
> /usr/ports

You can install the ports collection, or install the package with
"package_add -r" or from (for example) 

You might want to look at the section on ports and packages in the
handbook. These procedures are covered nicely.

> i have done installing apache2.2.17 from source but it doesn't start on boot , i also added 
> apache22_enable="YES" to rc.conf but no effect.

If you don't install it yourself, you need to start it yourself.  You
can write an rc.d(8) script, but installing from a port (or package)
would install one for you.

> 2- why i can not access root account through ssh2 ?

Because the PermitRootLogin option is disabled by default (for good
security reasons).

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