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Date:      Fri, 21 Aug 2020 22:29:54 -0400
From:      Aryeh Friedman <>
To:        David Christensen <>
Cc:        FreeBSD Mailing List <>
Subject:   Re: very slight OT: creating a *bootable* MSDOS7 memstick
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On Fri, Aug 21, 2020 at 10:07 PM David Christensen <> wrote:

> On 2020-08-21 16:17, Aryeh Friedman wrote:
> > Buying a new/used computer is simply not worth it; perhaps you missed the
> > fact there is *NO* data I need to recover from the drive. I only want to
> > revive the drive it self in order to save a trip to the store which would
> > itself take 5 hours. (I refuse to buy hardware mail order).   If I do end
> > up going to the store I will be buying a drive for around $50 that is
> twice
> > the capacity of the one I am attempting to unbrick.
> >
> > To repeat: I need a MS-DOS7 machine for likely no more than 10 mins to
> > revive a SSD and that's IT!  The only reason I need DOS7 at all is the
> > drive's firmware can only be repaired/upgraded with the above program.
> > Once I do that I don't need MS-DOS7 for anything.   Let's add something
> > else is the program does not work on anything newer than XP thus it is
> > unlikely installing something newer (something that can only be done
> once I
> > repair the drive) on the machine (the one I am currently writing this
> reply
> > on BTW) will also work (read catch-22, since the goal is to make my
> current
> > FreeBSD machine dual boot with the repaired drive).
> > Spend $100 to fix a $30 drive (sounds really smart to me!) and then never
> > use the thing I spent $100 on ever again!.... And yes I know where to
> buy a
> > used machine *IF* that was the right answer.
> > I would be spending several hundred in time *AND* money if I took any
> part
> > of your advice and for what to revive a $30 drive that may or may not be
> > revival.. and you call me insane??!?!
> Your OP and messages up to my first response did not make the above
> points.  Given your signature, I thought the SSD was for business use
> and you absolutely, positively needed to run the *.exe.

Yes and no... since I am a freelancer you never know what you will be
called on to do and thus finding some way to do it is a very good learning
experience (I can't count the number of times where something I was doing
for a personal project became something for a paid project and vice
versa)... so it is likely best that I treated as a strong preference

> So, forget the *.exe, recycle the SSD, and be done with it.
> If and when you buy another SSD, a challenge will be finding a model
> whose manufacturer provides diagnostic tools that do not require
> Windows.  (I need to support Intel and Samsung SSD's, and AFAIK all
> their tools require recent editions of Windows.)  If anyone knows of
> such SSD's, please post links.
I spent the morning also doing that research and there is no such beast.

> David
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