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Date:      Mon, 27 Apr 2015 23:07:38 +0100
From:      Frank Leonhardt <>
Subject:   Re: ipfw, natd and a server on a second WAN address
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On 27/04/2015 21:02, Frank Leonhardt wrote:
> I hope someone will *know* how to do this. I can guess, but if I guess 
> wrong there'll be consequences...

I've just looked at the *latest* man page, and there's a section on 
MULTIPLE INSTANCES that wasn't there before (it turns out it was added 
in release 8.0). This might be my answer, except that the -instance 
option was added at the same time, and the router is on 7.x  :-(

It does say that before -instance was added, the way to do this was 
running more than one natd, which I suspected anyway.

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