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Date:      Sat, 14 Sep 1996 18:31:23 +0200
From: (Christoph P. Kukulies)
To: (hmmm)
Cc: (freebsd-questions)
Subject:   Re: dos vs unix
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <>; from hmmm on Sep 13, 1996 22:03:38 -0700
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hmmm writes:
> i work surrounded by people with tons of dough 
> (un-civil "servants") that hate me for jumping
> "off the edge of the cliff" and "doing my own thing"
> with FreeBSD as opposed to NTeverywherehere.  is there 
> any ammo out there that i can shoot back with?

Look everyone straight into their eyes and ask them if they
payed for the license - every seat.

FreeBSD costs nothing - near to ;-)

There were some NFS performance benchmarks some time ago (Network Computing

Sun Expert (Aug. 96 issue) had a positive mentioning on FreeBSD having
the world's best TCP/IP stack. (some such)
Runs MBONE tools, has Multicast routing. Runs Linux binaries,
multimedia applications. As other Unices, can be maintained remotely
via login which NT still cannot as of today. You have to go and sit
at every NT machine to administer it. Runs a networked graphics system,
named X Windows. The plethora of free software available from around on the
globe. Has a wonderful ports collection giving you the most popular
of those software packages at your fingertips anmd lets you install
it upon kind of push-of-a-button. 

Can act as a Fileserver to a bunch of networked Win PCs via
SAMBA thus making NT server obsolete (not quite when thinking
of the unholy NT domain concept).

Major sites (e.g. Walnut Creek - are running ftp servers
for around 1200 simultaneous users. FreeBSD is a very good and stable
Web Server platform (Apache server).

> preferably a brief, concise, mind-blowing doc!

Perhaps Bill Gates bank account excerpt :-)

--Chris Christoph P. U. Kukulies

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