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Date:      Fri, 11 Jan 2002 01:02:33 -0800
From:      Bill Fumerola <>
To:        Ted Mittelstaedt <>, Karsten Thygesen <>
Cc:        freebsd-bugs@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: kern/33637: Panic: vm_page_unwire: invalid wire count: 0
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <000201c19a7a$94a7d840$>; from on Fri, Jan 11, 2002 at 12:33:01AM -0800
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On Fri, Jan 11, 2002 at 12:33:01AM -0800, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:

> If you give a program life-and-death authority over the system and
> the program crashes the system then that is hardly a bug in the system,
> now is it?


stop right now. running a process (even with root privileges) is not
giving life and death authority over the system.

it is a bug that a userland program can cause the kernel to crash with
a vm panic. panics are the safety belts of the kernel and triggering one
of them means that you've found a case that the programmer(s) know
shouldn't happen.

a panic means the situation has been considered before and it is something
that is known to cause problems. finding real life cases of the panic
with reproducable scenarios is _HELPFUL_ to the programmer(s) in finding
bugs in the subsystem.

please stop spreading FUD to users who are trying to report an actual
bug and are providing meaningful data. your emails on this PR are not
only unhelpful, they're detrimental to getting the real problem fixed.

- bill fumerola / / /
- my anger management counselor can beat up your self-affirmation therapist

ps. don't even think of sending me some stupid flame, either. this is
    for the encouragement of the original submitter.

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