17.2. Device Names

The following is a list of physical storage devices supported in FreeBSD, and the device names associated with them.

Tabela 17.1. Physical Disk Naming Conventions
Drive typeDrive device name
IDE hard drivesad
IDE CDROM drivesacd
SCSI hard drives and USB Mass storage devicesda
SCSI CDROM drivescd
Assorted non-standard CDROM drivesmcd for Mitsumi CD-ROM and scd for Sony CD-ROM devices
Floppy drivesfd
SCSI tape drivessa
IDE tape drivesast
Flash drivesfla for DiskOnChip(R) Flash device
RAID drivesaacd for Adaptec(R) AdvancedRAID, mlxd and mlyd for Mylex(R), amrd for AMI MegaRAID(R), idad for Compaq Smart RAID, twed for 3ware(R) RAID.

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