Rozdział 22. Serial Communications

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22.1. Synopsis
22.2. Introduction
22.3. Terminals
22.4. Dial-in Service
22.5. Dial-out Service
22.6. Setting Up the Serial Console

22.1. Synopsis

UNIX(R) has always had support for serial communications. In fact, the very first UNIX(R) machines relied on serial lines for user input and output. Things have changed a lot from the days when the average "terminal" consisted of a 10-character-per-second serial printer and a keyboard. This chapter will cover some of the ways in which FreeBSD uses serial communications.

After reading this chapter, you will know:

  • How to connect terminals to your FreeBSD system.

  • How to use a modem to dial out to remote hosts.

  • How to allow remote users to login to your system with a modem.

  • How to boot your system from a serial console.

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