3 Requirements for 5-STABLE

The RELENG_5 branch must offer users the same stability and performance that is currently enjoyed in the RELENG_4 branch. While the goal of SMPng is to allow performance to far exceed what is found in RELENG_4 and its siblings BSD's, regaining performance to the basic level is of the utmost importance. The branch must also be mature enough to avoid ABI and API changes while still allowing potential problems to be resolved.

3.1 ABI/API/Infrastructure stability

Enough infrastructure must be in place and stable to allow fixes from HEAD to easily and safely be merged into RELENG_5. Also, we must draw a line as to what subsystems are to be locked down when we go into 5-STABLE.

3.2 Performance

Performance hinges on the progress of SMPng infrastructure and the following areas:

3.3 Benchmarks and performance testing

Having a source of reliable and useful benchmarks is essential to identifying performance problems and guarding against performance regressions. A ``performance team'' that is made up of people and resources for formulating, developing, and executing benchmark tests should be put into place soon. Comparisons should be made against both FreeBSD 4.X and Linux 2.4/2.6. Tests to consider are:

3.4 Features:

3.5 Documentation:

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