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Device Names

17.2 Device Names

The following is a list of physical storage devices supported in FreeBSD, and the device names associated with them.

Table 17-1. Physical Disk Naming Conventions

Drive type Drive device name
IDE hard drives ad
IDE CDROM drives acd
SCSI hard drives and USB Mass storage devices da
SCSI CDROM drives cd
Assorted non-standard CDROM drives mcd for Mitsumi CD-ROM, scd for Sony CD-ROM, matcd for Matsushita/Panasonic CD-ROM [a]
Floppy drives fd
SCSI tape drives sa
IDE tape drives ast
Flash drives fla for DiskOnChip® Flash device
RAID drives aacd for Adaptec® AdvancedRAID, mlxd and mlyd for Mylex®, amrd for AMI MegaRAID®, idad for Compaq Smart RAID, twed for 3ware® RAID.
a. The matcd(4) driver has been removed in FreeBSD 4.X branch since October 5th, 2002 and does not exist in FreeBSD 5.0 and later releases.

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