3. Where to Go from Here?

Now that you have established the foundation of a reliable server, there are several things you might want to try next.

3.1. Make a Vinum Volume with Remaining Space

Following are the steps to create another Vinum volume with space remaining on the rootback spindle.

Note: This volume will not be resilient to spindle failure since it has only one plex on a single spindle.

  1. Create a file with the following contents:

    volume hope
      plex name hope.p0 org concat volume hope
        sd name hope.p0.s0 drive UpWindow plex hope.p0 len 0

    Note: Specifying a length of 0 for the hope.p0.s0 subdisk asks Vinum to use whatever space is left available on the underlying drive.

  2. Feed these commands into vinum create.

    # vinum create filename
  3. Now we newfs the volume and mount it.

    # newfs -v /dev/vinum/hope
    # mkdir /hope
    # mount /dev/vinum/hope /hope
  4. Edit /etc/fstab if you want /hope mounted at boot time.

3.2. Try Out More Vinum Commands

You might already be familiar with vinum list to get a list of all Vinum objects. Try -v following it to see more detail.

If you have more spindles and you want to bring them up as concatenated, mirrored, or striped volumes, then give vinum concat drivelist, vinum mirror drivelist, or vinum stripe drivelist a try.

See vinum(8) for sample configurations and important performance considerations before settling on a final organization for your additional spindles.

The failure recovery instructions below will also give you some experience using more Vinum commands.