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FAQ for g++ and libg++, by Joe Buck (jbuck@synopsys.com)

   This is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) for g++ users;
thanks to all those who sent suggestions for improvements.  Thanks to
Marcus Speh for doing the index.  A hypertext version is available on
the World Wide Web at `http://www.cygnus.com/misc/g++FAQ_toc.html'.

   Please send updates and corrections to the FAQ to
`jbuck@synopsys.com'.  Please do *not* use me as a resource to get your
questions answered; that's what `gnu.g++.help' is for and I don't have
the time to support the net's use of g++.

   Many FAQs, including this one, are available on the archive site
"rtfm.mit.edu"; see
`ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/news.answers'.  This FAQ may be found in
the subdirectory g++-FAQ.

   This FAQ is intended to supplement, not replace, Marshall Cline's
excellent FAQ for the C++ language and for the newsgroup
`comp.lang.c++'.  Especially if g++ is the first C++ compiler you've
ever used, the question "How do I do <X> with g++?" is probably really
"How do I do <X> in C++?".  You can find this FAQ at
`ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/comp.lang.c++', or in HTML form at


new stuff
The latest poop - gcc-2.7.x
getting g++
Obtaining Source Code
Installation Issues and Problems
User Problems
User Problems
What are the rules for shipping code built with g++ and libg++?
Concept Index -- The Detailed Node Listing --

New Stuff: The Latest Poop - Gcc-2.7.x

version 2.7
What's new in version 2.7.x of gcc/g++
The GNU Standard C++ Library

Obtaining Source Code

latest versions
What is the latest version of gcc, g++, and libg++?
g++ for Unix
How do I get a copy of g++ for Unix?
g++ for HP
Getting gcc/g++ for the HP Precision Architecture
g++ for Solaris 2.x
Getting gcc/g++ binaries for Solaris 2.x
g++ for other platforms
How do I get a copy of g++ for (some other platform)?
1.x vs 2.x versions
But I can only find g++-1.42!

Installation Issues and Problems

gcc-2 + g++-1
I can't build g++ 1.x.y with gcc-2.x.y!
what else do I need?
OK, I've obtained gcc; what else do I need?
How do I use the new template repository code?
repo bugs
Known bugs and problems with the repo patch
The GNU Standard C++ Library
use GNU linker?
Should I use the GNU linker, or should I use "collect"?
Use GNU assembler?
Should I use the GNU assembler, or my vendor's assembler?
Use GNU C library?
Should I use the GNU C library?
Global constructor problems
Global constructors aren't being called
Strange assembler errors
Strange assembler errors when linking C++ programs
Other problems building libg++
Rebuild libg++?
Do I need to rebuild libg++ to go with my new g++?
co-existing versions
I want several versions of g++ and libg++ to co-exist
Installing on Linux
Trouble installing g++ and libg++ on Linux
Linux Slackware 3.0
Problems with g++ on Linux Slackware 3.0

User Problems

missing virtual table
Linker complains about missing virtual table
for scope
gcc-2.7.0 breaks declarations in "for" statements!
const constructor
g++ seems to want a const constructor. What's that?
unused parameter warnings
How to silence "unused parameter" warnings
jump crosses initialization
g++ objects to a declaration in a case statement
Where can I find a demangler?
static data members
Linker reports undefined symbols for static data members
internal compiler error
What does "internal compiler error" mean?
bug reports
I think I have found a bug in g++.
porting to g++
Porting programs from other compilers to g++
name mangling
Why does g++ mangle names differently from other C++ compilers?
problems linking with other libraries
Why can't g++ code link with code from other C++ compilers?
What documentation exists for g++ 2.x?
Problems with the template implementation
undefined templates
I get undefined symbols when using templates
redundant templates
I get multiply defined symbols when using templates
Standard Template Library
Does g++ support the Standard Template Library?
Problems and limitations with exceptions
Does g++ support namespaces?
agreement with standards
What are the differences between g++ and the ARM specification of C++?
compiling standard libraries
Will g++ compile InterViews? NIHCL? Rogue Wave?
debugging on SVR4 systems
Debugging on SVR4 systems
debugging problems on Solaris
debugging problems on Solaris
X11 conflicts with libg++
Conflict over meaning of String
assignment to streams
Why can't I assign one stream to another?