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gcc-2.7.0 breaks declarations in "for" statements!

   gcc-2.7.0 implements the new ANSI/ISO rule on the scope of variables
declared in for loops.

     for (int i = 1; i <= 10; i++) {
             // do something here

   In the above example, most existing C++ compilers would pass the
value 11 to the function `foo'.  In gcc 2.7 and in the ANSI/ISO working
paper, the scope of `i' is only the for loop body, so this is an error.
So that old code can be compiled, the new gcc has a flag
`-fno-for-scope' that causes the old rule to be used.

   As of 2.7.1, the compiler attempts to issue warnings about code that
has different meanings under the two sets of rules, but the code is not
perfect: the intent was that code that has valid, but different,
meanings under the ARM rules and the working paper rules would give
warnings but have the new behavior, and this doesn't seem to happen.

   The `-ffor-scope' flag under 2.7.1 and 2.7.2 gives the 2.7.0