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Arrays in `awk'

   An "array" is a table of values, called "elements".  The elements of
an array are distinguished by their indices.  "Indices" may be either
numbers or strings.  Each array has a name, which looks like a variable
name, but must not be in use as a variable name in the same `awk'


Array Intro
Introduction to Arrays
Reference to Elements
How to examine one element of an array.
Assigning Elements
How to change an element of an array.
Array Example
Basic Example of an Array
Scanning an Array
A variation of the `for' statement. It loops through the indices of an array's existing elements.
The `delete' statement removes an element from an array.
Numeric Array Subscripts
How to use numbers as subscripts in `awk'.
Emulating multi-dimensional arrays in `awk'.
Scanning multi-dimensional arrays.