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#: Comments
#!: Executable Scripts
$ (field operator): Fields
--assign option: Options
--compat option: Options
--copyleft option: Options
--copyright option: Options
--field-separator option: Options
--file option: Options
--help option: Options
--lint option: Options
--posix option: Options
--source option: Options
--usage option: Options
--version option: Options
-f option: Long
-F option: Field Separators
-v option: Options
-W option: Options
/dev/fd/: Special Files
/dev/pgrpid: Special Files
/dev/pid: Special Files
/dev/ppid: Special Files
/dev/stderr: Special Files
/dev/stdin: Special Files
/dev/stdout: Special Files
/dev/user: Special Files
accessing fields: Fields
acronym: History
action, curly braces: Actions
action, default: Very Simple
action, definition of: Actions
action, separating statements: Actions
addition: Arithmetic Ops
and operator: Boolean Ops
anonymous ftp: Extracting
anonymous uucp: Extracting
applications of awk: When
ARGIND: Auto-set
arguments in function call: Function Calls
arguments, command line: Command Line
ARGV: Other Arguments
arithmetic operators: Arithmetic Ops
array assignment: Assigning Elements
array reference: Reference to Elements
arrays: Array Intro
arrays, definition of: Array Intro
arrays, deleting an element: Delete
arrays, multi-dimensional subscripts: Multi-dimensional
arrays, presence of elements: Reference to Elements
arrays, special for statement: Scanning an Array
assignment operators: Assignment Ops
assignment to fields: Changing Fields
associative arrays: Array Intro
awk language: This Manual
awk program: This Manual
AWKPATH environment variable: AWKPATH Variable
backslash continuation: Statements/Lines
basic function of gawk: Getting Started
BBS-list file: Sample Data Files
BEGIN special pattern: BEGIN/END
body of a loop: While Statement
boolean expressions: Boolean Ops
boolean operators: Boolean Ops
boolean patterns: Boolean Patterns
break statement: Break Statement
buffering output: I/O Functions
buffers, flushing: I/O Functions
built-in functions: Built-in
built-in variables: Built-in Variables
built-in variables, user modifiable: User-modified
call by reference: Function Caveats
call by value: Function Caveats
calling a function: Function Calls
case sensitivity: Read Terminal
changing contents of a field: Changing Fields
close <1>: Close Input
close: Close Output
closing input files and pipes: Close Input
closing output files and pipes: Close Output
command line: Command Line
command line formats: Running gawk
command line, setting FS on: Field Separators
comments: Comments
comparison expressions: Comparison Ops
comparison expressions as patterns: Comparison Patterns
computed regular expressions: Regexp Usage
concatenation: Concatenation
conditional expression: Conditional Exp
constants, types of: Constants
continuation of lines: Statements/Lines
continue statement: Continue Statement
control statement: Statements
conversion of strings and numbers <1>: Values
conversion of strings and numbers: Conversion
conversions, during subscripting: Numeric Array Subscripts
CONVFMT <1>: Conversion
CONVFMT <2>: Numeric Array Subscripts
CONVFMT: Comparison Ops
curly braces: Actions
default action: Very Simple
default pattern: Very Simple
defining functions: Definition Syntax
delete statement: Delete
deleting elements of arrays: Delete
deprecated features: Obsolete
deprecated options: Obsolete
differences: gawk and awk: Getline
directory search: AWKPATH Variable
division: Arithmetic Ops
documenting awk programs: Comments
dynamic regular expressions: Regexp Usage
element assignment: Assigning Elements
element of array: Reference to Elements
empty pattern: Empty
END special pattern: BEGIN/END
ENVIRON: Auto-set
ERRNO: Getline
escape sequence notation: Constants
examining fields: Fields
executable scripts: Executable Scripts
exit statement: Exit Statement
explicit input: Getline
exponentiation: Arithmetic Ops
expression: Expressions
expression, conditional: Conditional Exp
expressions, assignment: Assignment Ops
expressions, boolean: Boolean Ops
expressions, comparison: Comparison Ops
field separator, choice of: Field Separators
field separator, FS: Field Separators
field separator: on command line: Field Separators
field, changing contents of: Changing Fields
fields: Fields
fields, separating: Field Separators
file descriptors: Special Files
file, awk program: Long
FILENAME: Reading Files
flushing buffers: I/O Functions
FNR: Records
for (x in ...): Scanning an Array
for statement: For Statement
format specifier: Control Letters
format string: Basic Printf
formatted output: Printf
FS: Field Separators
ftp, anonymous: Extracting
function call: Function Calls
function definition: Definition Syntax
functions, user-defined: User-defined
getline: Getline
getting gawk: Extracting
gsub: String Functions
history of awk: History
how awk works: Two Rules
if statement: If Statement
increment operators: Increment Ops
input: Reading Files
input file, sample: Sample Data Files
input redirection: Getline
input, explicit: Getline
input, getline command: Getline
input, multiple line records: Multiple Line
input, standard: Read Terminal
installation, atari: Atari Installation
installation, ms-dos: MS-DOS Installation
installation, unix: Quick Installation
installation, vms: VMS Installation
interaction, awk and other programs: I/O Functions
inventory-shipped file: Sample Data Files
invocation of gawk: Command Line
language, awk: This Manual
length: String Functions
logical operations: Boolean Ops
long options: Command Line
loop: While Statement
loops, exiting: Break Statement
lvalue: Assignment Ops
manual, using this: This Manual
match: String Functions
metacharacters: Regexp Operators
modifiers (in format specifiers): Format Modifiers
multi-dimensional subscripts: Multi-dimensional
multiple line records: Multiple Line
multiple passes over data: Other Arguments
multiple statements on one line: Statements/Lines
multiplication: Arithmetic Ops
next file statement: Next File Statement
next statement: Next Statement
NF: Fields
not operator: Boolean Ops
NR: Records
number of fields, NF: Fields
number of records, NR or FNR: Records
numbers, used as subscripts: Numeric Array Subscripts
numeric constant: Constants
numeric value: Constants
obsolete features: Obsolete
obsolete options: Obsolete
OFMT <1>: Conversion
OFS: Output Separators
one-liners: One-liners
operator precedence: Precedence
operators, $: Fields
operators, arithmetic: Arithmetic Ops
operators, assignment: Assignment Ops
operators, boolean: Boolean Ops
operators, increment: Increment Ops
operators, regexp matching: Regexp Usage
operators, relational <1>: Comparison Patterns
operators, relational: Comparison Ops
operators, string: Concatenation
operators, string-matching: Regexp Usage
options, command line: Command Line
options, long: Command Line
or operator: Boolean Ops
ORS: Output Separators
output: Printing
output field separator, OFS: Output Separators
output record separator, ORS: Output Separators
output redirection: Redirection
output, buffering: I/O Functions
output, formatted: Printf
output, piping: File/Pipe Redirection
passes, multiple: Other Arguments
path, search: AWKPATH Variable
pattern, case sensitive: Read Terminal
pattern, comparison expressions: Comparison Patterns
pattern, default: Very Simple
pattern, definition of: Patterns
pattern, empty: Empty
pattern, regular expressions: Regexp
patterns, BEGIN: BEGIN/END
patterns, boolean: Boolean Patterns
patterns, END: BEGIN/END
patterns, range: Ranges
patterns, types of: Kinds of Patterns
pipes for output: File/Pipe Redirection
precedence: Precedence
print $0: Very Simple
print statement: Print
printf statement, syntax of: Basic Printf
printf, format-control characters: Control Letters
printf, modifiers: Format Modifiers
printing: Printing
program file: Long
program, awk: This Manual
program, definition of: Getting Started
program, self contained: Executable Scripts
programs, documenting: Comments
quotient: Arithmetic Ops
range pattern: Ranges
reading files: Reading Files
reading files, getline command: Getline
reading files, multiple line records: Multiple Line
record separator: Records
records, multiple line: Multiple Line
redirection of input: Getline
redirection of output: Redirection
reference to array: Reference to Elements
regexp: Regexp
regexp as expression: Comparison Ops
regexp operators: Comparison Ops
regexp search operators: Regexp Usage
regular expression matching operators: Regexp Usage
regular expression metacharacters: Regexp Operators
regular expressions as field separators: Field Separators
regular expressions as patterns: Regexp
regular expressions, computed: Regexp Usage
relational operators <1>: Comparison Patterns
relational operators: Comparison Ops
remainder: Arithmetic Ops
removing elements of arrays: Delete
return statement: Return Statement
RLENGTH: String Functions
RS: Records
RSTART: String Functions
rule, definition of: Getting Started
running awk programs: Running gawk
running long programs: Long
sample input file: Sample Data Files
scanning an array: Scanning an Array
script, definition of: Getting Started
scripts, executable: Executable Scripts
scripts, shell: Executable Scripts
search path: AWKPATH Variable
self contained programs: Executable Scripts
shell scripts: Executable Scripts
side effect: Assignment Ops
single quotes, why needed: One-shot
split: String Functions
sprintf: String Functions
standard error output: Special Files
standard input <1>: Special Files
standard input <2>: Reading Files
standard input: Read Terminal
standard output: Special Files
strftime: Time Functions
string constants: Constants
string operators: Concatenation
string-matching operators: Regexp Usage
sub: String Functions
subscripts in arrays: Multi-dimensional
SUBSEP: Multi-dimensional
substr: String Functions
subtraction: Arithmetic Ops
system: I/O Functions
systime: Time Functions
time of day: Time Functions
time stamps: Time Functions
tolower: String Functions
toupper: String Functions
use of comments: Comments
user-defined functions: User-defined
user-defined variables: Variables
uses of awk: Preface
using this manual: This Manual
uucp, anonymous: Extracting
variables, user-defined: Variables
when to use awk: When
while statement: While Statement