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Compilation in a Separate Directory

   If you wish to build the object files and executables in a directory
other than the one containing the source files, here is what you must
do differently:

  1. Make sure you have a version of Make that supports the `VPATH'
     feature.  (GNU Make supports it, as do Make versions on most BSD

  2. If you have ever run `configure' in the source directory, you must
     undo the configuration.  Do this by running:

          make distclean

  3. Go to the directory in which you want to build the compiler before
     running `configure':

          mkdir gcc-sun3
          cd gcc-sun3

     On systems that do not support symbolic links, this directory must
     be on the same file system as the source code directory.

  4. Specify where to find `configure' when you run it:

          ../gcc/configure ...

     This also tells `configure' where to find the compiler sources;
     `configure' takes the directory from the file name that was used to
     invoke it.  But if you want to be sure, you can specify the source
     directory with the `--srcdir' option, like this:

          ../gcc/configure --srcdir=../gcc OTHER OPTIONS

     The directory you specify with `--srcdir' need not be the same as
     the one that `configure' is found in.

   Now, you can run `make' in that directory.  You need not repeat the
configuration steps shown above, when ordinary source files change.  You
must, however, run `configure' again when the configuration files
change, if your system does not support symbolic links.