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Installing GNU CC on the Sun

   On Solaris (version 2.1), do not use the linker or other tools in
`/usr/ucb' to build GNU CC.  Use `/usr/ccs/bin'.

   Make sure the environment variable `FLOAT_OPTION' is not set when
you compile `libgcc.a'.  If this option were set to `f68881' when
`libgcc.a' is compiled, the resulting code would demand to be linked
with a special startup file and would not link properly without special

   There is a bug in `alloca' in certain versions of the Sun library.
To avoid this bug, install the binaries of GNU CC that were compiled by
GNU CC.  They use `alloca' as a built-in function and never the one in
the library.

   Some versions of the Sun compiler crash when compiling GNU CC.  The
problem is a segmentation fault in cpp.  This problem seems to be due to
the bulk of data in the environment variables.  You may be able to avoid
it by using the following command to compile GNU CC with Sun CC: