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Tools and Libraries for a Cross-Compiler

   If you have a cross-assembler and cross-linker available, you should
install them now.  Put them in the directory `/usr/local/TARGET/bin'.
Here is a table of the tools you should put in this directory:

     This should be the cross-assembler.

     This should be the cross-linker.

     This should be the cross-archiver: a program which can manipulate
     archive files (linker libraries) in the target machine's format.

     This should be a program to construct a symbol table in an archive

   The installation of GNU CC will find these programs in that
directory, and copy or link them to the proper place to for the
cross-compiler to find them when run later.

   The easiest way to provide these files is to build the Binutils
package and GAS.  Configure them with the same `--host' and `--target'
options that you use for configuring GNU CC, then build and install
them.  They install their executables automatically into the proper
directory.  Alas, they do not support all the targets that GNU CC

   If you want to install libraries to use with the cross-compiler,
such as a standard C library, put them in the directory
`/usr/local/TARGET/lib'; installation of GNU CC copies all all the
files in that subdirectory into the proper place for GNU CC to find
them and link with them.  Here's an example of copying some libraries
from a target machine:

     lcd /usr/local/TARGET/lib
     cd /lib
     get libc.a
     cd /usr/lib
     get libg.a
     get libm.a

The precise set of libraries you'll need, and their locations on the
target machine, vary depending on its operating system.

   Many targets require "start files" such as `crt0.o' and `crtn.o'
which are linked into each executable; these too should be placed in
`/usr/local/TARGET/lib'.  There may be several alternatives for
`crt0.o', for use with profiling or other compilation options.  Check
your target's definition of `STARTFILE_SPEC' to find out what start
files it uses.  Here's an example of copying these files from a target

     lcd /usr/local/TARGET/lib
     cd /lib
     mget *crt*.o
     cd /usr/lib
     mget *crt*.o