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Obsolete Conditionals

   Fragments of old code in GDB sometimes reference or set the following
configuration macros.  They should not be used by new code, and old
uses should be removed as those parts of the debugger are otherwise

     This macro used to define where the end of the stack appeared, for
     use in interpreting core file formats that don't record this
     address in the core file itself.  This information is now
     configured in BFD, and GDB gets the info portably from there.  The
     values in GDB's configuration files should be moved into BFD
     configuration files (if needed there), and deleted from all of
     GDB's config files.

     Any `FOO-xdep.c' file that references STACK_END_ADDR is so old
     that it has never been converted to use BFD.  Now that's old!