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Configuring GDB for Release

   From the top level directory (containing `gdb', `bfd', `libiberty',
and so on):
     make -f Makefile.in gdb.tar.gz

   This will properly configure, clean, rebuild any files that are
distributed pre-built (e.g. `c-exp.tab.c' or `refcard.ps'), and will
then make a tarfile.  (If the top level directory has already been
configured, you can just do `make gdb.tar.gz' instead.)

   This procedure requires:
   * symbolic links

   * `makeinfo' (texinfo2 level)

   * TeX

   * `dvips'

   * `yacc' or `bison'

... and the usual slew of utilities (`sed', `tar', etc.).


   `gdb.texinfo' is currently marked up using the texinfo-2 macros,
which are not yet a default for anything (but we have to start using
them sometime).

   For making paper, the only thing this implies is the right
generation of `texinfo.tex' needs to be included in the distribution.

   For making info files, however, rather than duplicating the texinfo2
distribution, generate `gdb-all.texinfo' locally, and include the files
`gdb.info*' in the distribution.  Note the plural; `makeinfo' will
split the document into one overall file and five or so included files.