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The GNU Info Program

This file documents GNU Info, a program for viewing the on-line
formatted versions of Texinfo files, version 2.11.  This documentation
is different from the documentation for the Info reader that is part of
GNU Emacs.


What is Info
Options you can pass on the command line.
Cursor Commands
Commands which move the cursor within a node.
Scrolling Commands
Commands for moving the node around in a window.
Node Commands
Commands for selecting a new node.
Searching Commands
Commands for searching an Info file.
Xref Commands
Commands for selecting cross references.
Window Commands
Commands which manipulate multiple windows.
Printing Nodes
How to print out the contents of a node.
Miscellaneous Commands
A few commands that defy categories.
How to change the default behavior of Info.
GNU Info Global Index
Global index containing keystrokes, command names, variable names, and general concepts.