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C Input and Output

   `libio' is distributed with a complete implementation of the ANSI C
`stdio' facility.  It is implemented using `streambuf' objects.  
See Wrappers for C `stdio': Stdiobuf.

   The `stdio' package is intended as a replacement for the whatever
`stdio' is in your C library.  Since `stdio' works best when you build
`libc' to contain it, and that may be inconvenient, it is not installed
by default.

   Extensions beyond ANSI:

   * A stdio `FILE' is identical to a streambuf.  Hence there is no
     need to worry about synchronizing C and C++ input/output--they are
     by definition always synchronized.

   * If you create a new streambuf sub-class (in C++), you can use it
     as a `FILE' from C.  Thus the system is extensible using the
     standard `streambuf' protocol.

   * You can arbitrarily mix reading and writing, without having to seek
     in between.

   * Unbounded `ungetc()' buffer.