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   This is the 0.3 beta release of `ptx', the GNU version of a permuted
index generator.  This software has the main goal of providing a
replacement for the traditional `ptx' as found on System V machines,
able to handle small files quickly, while providing a platform for more

   This version reimplements and extends traditional `ptx'.  Among
other things, it can produce a readable "KWIC" (keywords in their
context) without the need of `nroff', there is also an option to
produce TeX compatible output.  This version does not handle huge input
files, that is, those files which do not fit in memory all at once.

   *Please note* that an overall renaming of all options is
foreseeable.  In fact, GNU ptx specifications are not frozen yet.


Invoking ptx
How to use this program
The GNU extensions to `ptx' -- The Detailed Node Listing --

How to use this program

General options
Options which affect general program behaviour.
Charset selection
Underlying character set considerations.
Input processing
Input fields, contexts, and keyword selection.
Output formatting
Types of output format, and sizing the fields.