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Regular Expression Library

  This manual documents how to program with the GNU regular expression
library.  This is edition 0.12a of the manual, 19 September 1992.

  The first part of this master menu lists the major nodes in this Info
document, including the index.  The rest of the menu lists all the
lower level nodes in the document.


Regular Expression Syntax
Common Operators
GNU Operators
GNU Emacs Operators
What Gets Matched?
Programming with Regex
Copying and sharing Regex.
General index. -- The Detailed Node Listing --

Regular Expression Syntax

Syntax Bits
Predefined Syntaxes
Collating Elements vs. Characters
The Backslash Character

Common Operators

Match-self Operator
Ordinary characters.
Match-any-character Operator
Concatenation Operator
Repetition Operators
* + ? {}
Alternation Operator
List Operators
[...] [^...]
Grouping Operators
Back-reference Operator
Anchoring Operators
^ $

Repetition Operators

Match-zero-or-more Operator
Match-one-or-more Operator
Match-zero-or-one Operator
Interval Operators

List Operators (`[' ... `]' and `[^' ... `]')

Character Class Operators
Range Operator

Anchoring Operators

Match-beginning-of-line Operator
Match-end-of-line Operator

GNU Operators

Word Operators
Buffer Operators

Word Operators

Non-Emacs Syntax Tables
Match-word-boundary Operator
Match-within-word Operator
Match-beginning-of-word Operator
Match-end-of-word Operator
Match-word-constituent Operator
Match-non-word-constituent Operator

Buffer Operators

Match-beginning-of-buffer Operator
Match-end-of-buffer Operator

GNU Emacs Operators

Syntactic Class Operators

Syntactic Class Operators

Emacs Syntax Tables
Match-syntactic-class Operator
Match-not-syntactic-class Operator

Programming with Regex

GNU Regex Functions
POSIX Regex Functions
BSD Regex Functions

GNU Regex Functions

GNU Pattern Buffers
The re_pattern_buffer type.
GNU Regular Expression Compiling
re_compile_pattern ()
GNU Matching
re_match ()
GNU Searching
re_search ()
Matching/Searching with Split Data
re_match_2 (), re_search_2 ()
Searching with Fastmaps
re_compile_fastmap ()
GNU Translate Tables
The `translate' field.
Using Registers
The re_registers type and related fns.
Freeing GNU Pattern Buffers
regfree ()

POSIX Regex Functions

POSIX Pattern Buffers
The regex_t type.
POSIX Regular Expression Compiling
regcomp ()
POSIX Matching
regexec ()
Reporting Errors
regerror ()
Using Byte Offsets
The regmatch_t type.
Freeing POSIX Pattern Buffers
regfree ()

BSD Regex Functions

BSD Regular Expression Compiling
re_comp ()
BSD Searching
re_exec ()