14.6. The FreeBSD Ports Monitoring System

Another handy resource is the FreeBSD Ports Monitoring System (also known as portsmon). This system comprises a database that processes information from several sources and allows it to be browsed via a web interface. Currently, the ports Problem Reports (PRs), the error logs from the build cluster, and individual files from the ports collection are used. In the future, this will be expanded to include the distfile survey, as well as other sources.

To get started, use the Overview of One Port search page to find all the information about a port.

This is the only resource available that maps PR entries to portnames. PR submitters do not always include the portname in their Synopsis, although we would prefer that they did. So, portsmon is a good place to find out whether an existing port has any PRs filed against it, any build errors, or if a new port the porter is considering creating has already been submitted.

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