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Date:      Mon, 9 Oct 1995 21:50:25 -0400 (EDT)
From: (Brian "AGENT GORDON COLE" Atkins)
Subject:   Win95 trashing SMC EtherPower
Message-ID:  <>

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Here is a strange problem that maybe someone else can help me
understand. I recently installed Win95 on my computer that up
till that point had been running dos and FreeBSD. Everything
worked great until yesterday... I had rebooted into dos mode
and stopped the loading of Win95 with a F8 and went to the
"old dos" mode that the F8 menu has in it. I was trying out
some CD-DA digital audio grabbers on my cdrom, and then reset
the computer to go back to FreeBSD land. This was where the
problem surfaced: the boot hung at the localhost ifconfig.
I let it sit there for a few minutes and eventually it skipped
it, but of course everything was generally screwed up.

I shutdown and turned the computer off... even took the power
cord out. Turned it back on; same problem. So I figure Win95
must be interfering somehow. I start it up and try removing
the ethernet card from the network controls and restarting
FreeBSD. Same problem. I finally solved it today, by completely
chunking every last networking item, even the icons off the
desktop, and telling Win95 that I was using a modem for all my
telecomm needs. That finally got things working right again.

My question is how did Win95 do something to my card that was
so permanent it could even last through no power? Since my
card is PnP, does it have some kind of non-volatile bios on it
that settings are stored in? And is there some way to keep Win95
from trashing those settings? And what exactly was trashed

The MB is an ASUS P55TP4XE, w/ P100 and the SMC card...
Running FreeBSD 950928-SNAP + Win95(unfortunately)

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