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Date:      Sun, 01 Jun 1997 22:31:29 -0400
From:      Shashi Joshi <>
Subject:   FreeBSD installation problems
Message-ID:  <>

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I have trouble during FreeBSD installation in two areas:

1. Installing X window:
	I reached upto the graphical configuration. I am unable to pick 
	the proper graphic card/chip
	I have a Gateway 2000 CrystalScan monitor 17"
	30-64 and 50-120 frequencies
	and STB Velocity and STB Virge/GX card

	I was able to install an start X as well (by typing startx)
	But I am not able to select ANY OTHER MODE except 320x200
	I tried everything but it always starts in 320x200 mode (my monitor 
	can take upto 1248x1024. When I run /stand/sysinstall and configure X 
	thru the XF6Setup, it somehow knows the proper graphic mode to pick, since
	it sppears like a 800x600 mode

2. Installing/configuring for PPP protocol
	I am trying to dial out to my ISP via modem.
	when I type pppd it says the kernel does not support PPP
	I have installed comms/seyon. When asked during installation if I 
	want PPP/SLIP I selected yes. It then asked if I wanted to configure for
	PPP. When I said yes, it went into ppp mode, which won't dial out.
	Please help me out on this, since this is very time critical to my project

Thanks you very very much

Shift-F1, Inc.
ShashiKant Joshi                             
Shift-F1, Inc.                                                770-424-6958

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