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Date:      30 Dec 1999 00:55:14 -0500
From:      Arcady Genkin <>
Subject:   Re: Before I return FreeBSD to the store...
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"Kent Stewart" <> writes:

> > What does the CD-ROM's jumper have to do with installing an OS? If
> it
> > worked with other OS's, then it should be deemed workable, and let
> the
> > jumper alone.
> It has a lot to do with it. Some drives aren't detected when they are
> the only device and jumpered as a slave on the secondary IDE channel.
> A couple don't want to be the master on the secondary IDE channel but
> work just fine as a slave behind the HD on the primary IDE channel. My
> Teac is the master on the secondary IDE channel. The slave on the
> secondary channel is a WD 3.1GB HD.
> I looked at all of the IDE CDROM's that I have and the have either 3
> or 5 jumper locations. The right three have text above them saying
> something like (cs or csel), (ma or master), and (sl or slave).

Of course, a CD-Rom must be configured in order to be useful. My point
was that if this CD-Rom worked with other OS's (as it follows from the
original message), then the jumper settings would have to be left
Arcady Genkin                       
"'What good is my pity? Is not the pity the cross upon which he who
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