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Date:      Mon, 9 Oct 1995 22:10:24 -0500
From:      "Daniel M. Eischen" <>
Subject:   Re: Win95 trashing SMC EtherPower
Message-ID:  <>

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>My general response to your SMC query is this: disable PnP both in the
>bios, and in the device.  We configured several systems at CMU (and
>other places) where Win95 and FreeBSD would disagree on which plugging
>and playing should occur.  Use your software config program (ezconfig or
>ezstart, most likely) to disable PnP and configure permenant
>non-conflicting settings.  For some reason people have to run the
>ezconfig save twice to get it to save sometimes?  Then reconfigure

Yes, I had to run it twice also.  I wasn't using Win95 but WfW and I
am almost certain that I made the same exact changes both times.

>BSD/Win95 to match this settings.  I'm not sure how much effect changing
>the CMUS PnP settings has, but it prevented my CMOS from deciding to
>switch around my comm ports for no reason I could determine (I'm on a
>Gateway 2000 p120.)

Dan Eischen

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