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Date:      Tue, 10 Jul 2007 23:37:44 -0700
From:      Doug Barton <>
Cc:        Patrick Dung <>
Subject:   Re: FreeBSD 6.2 default bind9, question about customize logging [re-post]
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> On Sunday,  8 July 2007 at 12:06:26 -0700, Patrick Dung wrote:
>> I am using FreeBSD 6.2 with the default bind (not ports).
>> By default chroot is used.

It's not a major issue, but it's probably worth pointing out that
whatever code base you use (base or ports) the behavior such as
chroot, logging, etc. is controlled by the combination of
/etc/rc.d/named and your named.conf options. Therefore this discussion
applies equally well either way.

>> When named start or stop, it does have log in /var/log/messages.
>> But for example, when some do domain transfer successfully, that is not
>> logged (zone transfer denied is logged).

I have intentionally avoided adding more complex logging to the
default named.conf because it's very hard to decide which way to land
on this to make the most people happy (and/or the least people mad). I
am of course always open to suggestions. :)

>> So I tried to add this part in named.conf (enabled local0.* in
>> syslog.conf) , but still no luck. Any suggestions?

The obvious ones, did you HUP the daemon after you changed the conf,
and did you pre-create any new files that syslogd is supposed to write
to for the local0 facility? Can you share your syslog.conf line for
this? Do you get any joy when you try 'logger blah' ?

>> logging {
>>         channel named-log {

While I don't see that it's explicitly forbidden to use a - in a
channel name, every example I've ever seen or used myself uses an
underscore instead (named_log).

>>                 //syslog daemon;
>>                 syslog local0;
>>                 severity info;
>>                 print-category yes;
>>         };
>>      category default { named-log; };
>>      category xfer-in { named-log; };
>>      category xfer-out { named-log; };
>>      category unmatched { null; };
>> };

This all looks good (modulo the - issue I mentioned above), and I use
something similar myself, so once you're sure you can write to the
syslog facility, you should be able to get this to work.

I should probably also point out that unless you really need this to
go to syslog, you're probably better off writing to a file channel
instead (less overhead, especially on a busy server). Either way there
is information in the ARM that will help you, /usr/share/doc/bind9/arm.




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