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Date:      Thu, 1 Feb 2007 14:01:13 -0800 (PST)
Subject:   Re: FreeBSD Torrent Server
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On Thu, 1 Feb 2007, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:

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> From: "Jeremy Faulkner" <>
> To: "Ted Mittelstaedt" <>
> Cc: "Eric Hildebrandt" <>; <>
> Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2007 1:34 PM
> Subject: Re: FreeBSD Torrent Server
>> On 1/31/07, Ted Mittelstaedt <> wrote:
>>> Why?
>>> FreeBSD isn't commercial software, there's no need to go through
>>> all the hocus pocus to conceal the uploader so the RIAA doesen't
>>> sue him.  Standard FTP works perfectly fine at any of the mirror sites,
>>> and you will get your ISO no slower.
>>> Ted
>> Bittorrent does nothing to conceal the uploader's identity.
>> The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of Amarica) doesn't give a
>> damn about the piracy of commercial software, the RIAA cares about the
>> piracy of music distributed by their member companies. <opinion>The
>> RIAA exists to be the bully for their member companies and to draw the
>> negative public relations away from those member companies.</opinion>
> Which is exactly why I cannot understand why anyone would want to
> use bittorrent to legitimately distribute anything.  Why use a service that
> the RIAA is actively attacking, because such service is being used to
> illegally distribute pirated music?

Uhm, the RIAA / MPAA would be retards to track this sort of information--it only would reduce their efficiency.

Thinking that torrents are being used solely to transmit illegal data is a misnomer and incorrect train of thought. There are a number of opensource projects that use torrents to distribute data, just because it exists and it's another means to distributing the data's end.

> It's called guilt by association.

No. That's your take on the situation and other group's take on the situation, which isn't always correct.

> The FreeBSD Beastie was struck from his position as logo for FreeBSD
> for some EXTREMELY minor controversy surrounding religions icons.
> Well, using  a Devil image didn't pirate anyone software or break a law.
> Yet Beastie was axed for exactly the same "guilt by association" reasons.

That's a different can of worms--the BSD symbol is religious symbolism vs whereas torrents and soft "ware" licenses are ethical issues.

> It seems to be EXTREMELY hipocritical to on one hand, strike out Beastie
> for some morons based on a guilt by association reason, then on the other
> hand turn a blind eye to the guilt by association of using a service,
> bittorrent,
> that is extremely heavily used for distribution of pirated software and
> music,
> to distribute FreeBSD.

Read above comments.


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