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Date:      Mon, 6 Feb 1995 21:54:24 -0500
From: (Kim Culhan)
Subject:   SCSI drive rendered unuseable?
Message-ID:  <>

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This was posted to the comp.os.386bsd.questions newsgroup with no responses..

FreeBSD was brought up a week ago on a 486 machine with Buslogic 445c

This weekend it was shut down to add a dos partition to the scsi drive.
There has always been an IDE drive with dos on it.

The procedure in the docs was followed to use the dos fdisk utility to
create a dos partition, then rebooted on the FreeBSD boot floppy to finish
with the bsd fdisk and disklabel routines.

On choosing (P)roceed, the system runs newfs on the partitions as usual
then announces: unzipping /stand/sysinstall into hard disk

At this point it panics with this message: 

panic: getnewbuf: inconsistent EMPTY queue.

The procedure which worked the first time was tried, using the whole
disk for bsd but same result.
When the boot floppy loads the kernel, the cyl size is reduced as shown 
when it gets to the point where the scsi disk is found. the disk has 1442
cyls and it shows 1429. This figure cannot be changed by formatting the
drive. Even tried it on a Sun machine, where the drive came from.

Also tried the 'fcnuke' utility from Buslogic to 'nuke' the partition,
whatever that does. Still no change.

New info:

Fujitsu sent the 'really correct' drive geometry via fax which was used 
on the Sun to re-re-reformat the drive. Still no luck..

Any help on this would be very greatly appreciated.

kim culhan


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